What to do when beats move on repetition?


Suppose I have a conventional drum pattern, with some things in quarter notes, and some in eighth notes.

Now I want to insert a dotted quarter note, for example, for the kick drum. I can make the note length a dotted quarter note, of course, but because that note does not go evenly into 8 or 16, it does not come out in the same place each rotation.

Suppose I make the circle 5 steps of a dotted eighth note. That comes up to 15 steps, everything else is 16 steps and so it is off. Similarly 6 steps comes out to 18 steps.

Am I missing some obvious way to do this? A solution would be to make the pattern in 8th notes, put in three of them, and then tell Patterning to play that as one note. Is that possible?

I am just tryinig to reproduce some traditional Latin patterns that call for this.

Thanks for any help.