Using Patterning to control softsynths via Inter-Device Audio MIDI (IDAM) on MacOS

Someone just asked for how to do this, so I thought I’d share.

  • Connect your iPad to your Mac.

  • Open the “Audio MIDI Setup” application on your Mac.

  • In the “Audio Devices” window, find your iPad and click “Enable.” If the window doesn’t appear, you can find it in the “Window” menu.

  • Now, open the “MIDI Studio” window. Your iPad should appear in the window as a device.

  • In Patterning 2, select the track/instrument you want to send MIDI with. Select the MIDI tab on the right and choose either “BOTH” or “MIDI” for the track output. Then tap on the MIDI port and select “IDAM MIDI Host.”

  • Open up your DAW of choice and create a MIDI track. Set the MIDI track’s input to be “iPad”

  • From there, configure as needed to match your specific desire.