Triggering chords with wind midi instrument


Dear all,
I am playing a wind midi instrument (Yamaha WX5) and want to use your app Chordion to play chords.
I am also using Audiobus 3. I use my wind midi instrument as midi input, and want to use your app as midi through and ilectric, galileo etc. (piano/organ app) as output in Audiobus 3.
Is it possible to trigger resp. assign notes to chords with your app? (e.g. I play C on wind midi controller and chord Cmaj7 is played via output).
Regards, Michael


As far as I can tell, Chordion does not accept MIDI input (only manual input).

Some AUv3 plugins that can transform your MIDI input using AB3’s MIDI Effect slot are:

  1. QuantiChord
  2. ScaleBud
  3. MidiEcho
  4. StreamByter (requires programming)