Samplingrate 48k?

Hi guys, I discovered a problem concerning the samperate. For the samples I create myself on the computer, are usually use the samplerate of 48K. When I import them in Patterning 2 and play them, they are changed in pitch and length. Just to try out, I exported some of the samples in 44.1K, imported them in patterning, and with this sampling rate pitch and length are played correctly. I would prefer simply settiing patternings, sound engine, to 48 K to re-exporting my whole library, but I have not found a way to do so. Anyone else here, who experienced the same problem? Suggestions for solutions?

Greetings, Philipp

Hi Philip,
Thanks for reporting this! It is a known bug (to me, anyway :slight_smile: ) and honestly, the reason I have not yet fixed it is that I’m afraid doing so will cause projects created with the bug to sound different than the user expects… I’ve sort of been stuck on that issue and planned to just fix it for version 3. However, I am open to figuring out an elegant way to deal with it. Perhaps I fix the bug and then have a switch in the system settings to disable the bug fix if it messes your project up. Kinda ugly fix, honesty, but creating a complex UI around it might be worse?