Samples won’t load when importing into Ableton!


Hey guys,

Ableton does not want to load samples when I bring a project over (I’m using patterning for iPhone).

I have exported with wav & aiff and ableton doesn’t want to play them. It knows where they are and references them but doesn’t play! They all work perfectly outside of the app too.

Am I doing something catastrophically wrong?

Otherwise, loving the app!



To add more excitement I have tried to approach in another, quite manual, way…:

I have created a project in ableton and was hoping to drag the files to either session or arrangement view.

Ableton believes the files are either corrupted or unlicensed!

I’ve also now managed to get them into the project saved as .wav files and something atrocious is happening…


Which audio settings are you using when exporting? (.aif, 32 bit, etc?)

Hi Ben,

I’ve tried a combination of .wav, .aiff, 44.1 & 96kHz but always 32 bit.

Kind regards,


Interesting. Can you try 24 bit and see if it works better?