Ribbons feature suggestion :)

Hello, i love Ribbons and have two small feature suggestions to make it even more performative!

1. Please make Hold function to be additive and subtractive while being active.

Currently If i play two notes and press Hold, i can not add another note to be held and cannot remove separate notes either without losing them all.
I love the infinity mode in Tardigrain app where you just latch or unlatch notes. I think it is more useful and convenient that way.

2. I’d like to have Octave Up/Down option on the main keyboard (for instance in the right bottom corner). Plus and Minus icons.

Cause going always to the keyboard menu just to do that feels less fluent.

Here is a little example of me playing Ribbons, and you can see how i struggle not to lose added notes while HOLD option is on with previous ones :slight_smile:


Thank you for your great musical tools.


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