Receiving midi commands while in the background in aum


Hello, using patterning 2 loaded into AUM and I have a midi foot controller set up to switch patterns, but if Patterning is in the background I have to switch to it to get it to accept the messages, once I do it will work fine. Is there any way to have it respond to midi messages after loading a new song and while AUM is the focus?



Thanks for this report – so it sounds like when a song first loads, it’s not properly listening for MIDI in the background, but once you’ve triggered it from the foreground it works correctly?


Yes, that’s the problem!


Thanks, I’m testing this out. Here’s the steps I’m trying :

Create a new song in Patterning 2, make two simple patterns.
Use MIDI learn to assign a note to control pattern changes.
Quit Patterning 2 and re-load in AUM
Try to change Patterns using the MIDI notes.

I tried this both with IAA host sync enabled and with a MIDI note assigned to start/stop the Patterning 2 clock.

This is actually working for me, so I’m doing something differently than you are! Any ideas about what I’m doing wrong to reproduce it?


I guess it’s because of this - I have a set list set up which uses an AUM session and Patterning song file, per song. Open an AUM session, switch to Patterning, open that song, midi works because it’s the focus. Then to switch to the next song, I open the Patterning file first because I’m already in it, switch to AUM and load the session, then I have to switch back to Patterning to start the song. So that’s probably what’s breaking it, loading Patterning first. I probably have to switch back to AUM first, open the session, and then back again to Patterning to change the song which would make it the focus. I was just trying to see if there was anyway to reduce the app switching!


Thanks, I will try this workflow to see if I can reproduce it.


Is the MIDI routing coming through AUM? Like is Patterning listening to the AUM virtual MIDI port?


No, I just set up the midi through Patterning. I didn’t think to try through a virtual port because usually in AUM you can set apps up to receive midi directly from your hardware but with Patterning you can’t. So Patterning should have Aum’s virtual port as an input source?


I don’t think it should be one way or the other… I’m just trying to sort out what’s happening! Thanks for your help tracking it down.


Thank you for trying to track it down! :grinning: