Randomizing/humanizing timing possible?

Hi, I just bought Patterning 2 and love, love it.

I’ve played with it a fair bit and am making my way through the manual (and taking notes) but I can’t see anything in the manual that addresses this:

Can the timing of individual drum parts be nudged/humanized/randomized to create a more “live person” drumming feel?

I can see randomization for other parameters but not for the actual placement of each drum hit. I fear it doesn’t exist… Please tell me it does or there’s a work around.

Thanks very much.

P.S. if this doesn’t exist, please, please, please build it into an update/new version. Though I should be able to scratch my Skinny Puppy itch with Patterning 2, my main need is to do rock drumming and some humanization of the timing would be critical.

Hey Jason,
This is not currently possible, but it’s definitely high on my list of future features.

The closest things are the “nudge” arrows that move an entire pattern by a number of ticks, and the swing setting, which is a bit unique in that it applies “swing” to whatever the loops duration setting is. E.g. if you are using 1/4 notes, swing will nudge every other 1/4 note by a certain amount. I know that’s not what you are looking for, but thought I’d mention it in case it gives you some ideas to play with.

That should say nudges the whole loop, not the whole pattern.

Thanks, benkamen, for the quick reply.

I thought of a workaround, but it involves using a daw and the appeal of your app is that it’s a standalone solution to beat making…

Import the midi to Logic, then use the humanizing features and such in Logic.

Not ideal as I haven’t used logic in years and there’s something beautiful and stress-free about making everything on an iPad. But I may investigate it down the road if the feature doesn’t turn up in a new Patterning update or version.

I don’t suppose you have any rough timeline for something like that? Are we talking months or a couple years, for example?

Glad to hear that it’s on your list. I bet there are a lot of guitar players who would love Patterning but who want to make more “realistic” drums. Not everyone is into electronic beats — you’re cutting out a big part of the market if you ignore that population.

Again, great work and thanks for the quick reply!