Program Change on Patterning 2


Good Day! It’s not clear from the manual (to me at least) how Midi Program Change functions in P2. Does PC change the song including the kits tied to the patterns therein?

Loading new songs on Patterning 1 with the app slaved to external Midi clock often causes crashes. This andlLack of PC on P1 prevented integration into live setup.



Thanks for the report regarding MIDI clock crashes, I wasn’t aware of that.

Program changes can be assigned within a song, but not currently for switching songs. I do think that’s a cool idea, but it requires some re-architecting of the app so I will have to think for a bit how it would be possible.


Thanks for the swift reply. Just to be clear. crashes when changing songs happens in Patterning 1 (iPad 17, OS11 iConnectivity+ midi.The new features of Patterning 2 look great, but without comprehensive PC in Patterning 2, doesn’t make sense to upgrade, all the more so having purchased P1 just 7 months ago.