Problem downloading cloud kits


I’m downloading cloud kits for P2 and ending up with a lot of missing pieces. Often I will see .wav files listed in the Sample Library, but the sound will be missing. Some cloud kits have the entire set listed but no sounds or .wav illustrations. I’d like to correct this. Thanks! -Satisfied and delighted user since P1


Thanks for this… can you tell me a kit for which this is happening? I haven’t experienced this so I’m not sure what’s going on here. Hopefully I can sort it out.


Sure. Thanks for your dedication! Examples of those missing ALL sounds include: vapor wave, vapor wave alt, acoustic kit.

Those missing particular sounds include: Sausalito kit-missing 3, dub a stick kit-missing 5.

Thanks again!


To thicken the plot, all these drum kits work perfectly in Patterning 1.

Also the name of the kit mentioned above is actually 70’s Sausalito.



…And another weird thing happened today. The “cursor” that moves in the circle started mismatching with the sound of the sample. I restarted the iPad and that problem went away. I suppose I will check how other apps are working. Also have an IOS update tonight. Meanwhile I can compose in Patt 1 and then export to Patt 2.


Would I be risking anything just to uninstall/reinstall the app? or does this option stand no chance of helping?


Hey there, this sounds like a bug that I’ve been trying to track down forever. When it happens, can you do me a favor and use the “mail” icon on the file screen to generate a report to send to me? I’ve been stumped on this for awhile!


Will do. You are referring to the mismatch thing, right?


Yea, the mismatch thing!


About the idea of uninstall/reinstall to fix the problem with missing cloud kit samples…would I risk losing drum kits and songs?


Deleting the app will also delete your data. You can back up songs by exporting them as .onps files (from FILE->EXPORT), and drum kits as .onpd files (DRUM KIT > EXPORT)


I did just check the “vapor wave” kit, and it downloaded fine for me. My first question is how much free space is left on your device?


Thanks for checking it. I have 14 GB free.


Thanks. My guess is there is some error happening that I’m not displaying to the user and I’ll have to go in and see where that might be occurring.


Cool. I appreciate any guidance you have to give.


So, to follow up… First, I saved all my songs by exporting. Uninstall/reinstalled
Patt2. And success! Working perfectly. Then exported all Patt1 songs and open/saved in Patt. 2. Also perfect. One thing I did differently with the cloud kits this time is I waited for each song to finish loading before selecting the next. Last time I just selected a lot of them in more rapid succession. Kind of all at once. I think maybe I ended up with missing parts by doing it that way.

So all is well! Thanks for your helpful consultation!