Patterning and Cubasis Not Syncing


I’m having problems getting Patterning and Cubasis to sync up on my iPad. I was able to do this before, but since it has been upgraded, it just won’t work. It was alway problematic, but now I can get them to sync up at all.

I can still record the audio, but only if I manually start Patterning. It won’t start if I try to run it from Cubasis. Switching on the inter app audio sync doesn’t work… Even loading it from Audiobus doesn’t seem to do the trick.

My complaint is there is virtually no online help or demonstrations on how to get these two programs to work together, which makes Patterning pretty hard to use. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent trying to get these two work together. It would be great if they could, but I’m at a loss on how to do it.

Any suggestions? Thx - joe


Hooray! I was able to get it to sync up again. I loaded Patterning up in Garage Band and it started right up without Audiobus, no problem.

I then loaded Patterning into Cubasis and tried recording again and this time it synced up, first time, without Audiobus. How is an iPad mystery.

There is one last problem… I’ve notice that the very first note always has a beep that gets recorded on the first beat when I record a track in Cubasis. Has anyone else experienced this? It doesn’t seem to happen in Garage Band, just Cubasis and only on the first beat? You can see it in the screen shot. Thx - joe



Glad you got it working! Not sure what’s up with the first beat issue, but I’d contact the Cubasis developer, since it seems to happen with that app and not others.

I’m not sure what the original routing was, but if Audiobus was between Patterning and Cubasis I could see that being wonky. In that event Audiobus would be the IAA host, and it’s transport would be in control. It’s probably more reliable to load Patterning directly into Cubasis, and seems like that did work!


Thx for getting back. I the beep sounds like the tail end of the countdown before it starts recording, but it happens, even if the countdown is disabled in Cubasis. I’ll shoot them a message to see if they have any answers. Thx again for the quick reply! - joe


I contacted Lars @ Cubasis about the “beeping” issue and put together a short screenshot video to demonstrate what I’m dealing with.

Patterning - Cubasis - Beep Issue

I’ve discovered that the beep also occurs when you:

  1. Use the Remote Play buttons in Patterning
  2. Use the play button in Cubasis
  3. Use the “back arrow” button in Cubasis
  4. Record a Patterning track, the beep shows up on the first beat.

Hopefully this video helps get to the bottom of this issue.

Thx - joe


I’ve emailed with Lars with some ideas about the issue. Thanks for helping sort it out.


Thank Ben…

I did some testing and discovered that the beep was being recorded if the “left in-point” of the loop was set to 1 of the first bar on the timeline.

When I moved it a few bars to the right to 3 and it didn’t record any beep. Not sure why, but the beep being recorded seems to be tied to first beat on the timeline.

Here’s a video of Test #2

Note: I also discovered that when I moved the starting in point to 3 and turned the monitor on, I can hear Patterning playing before the actual in-point. When the recording starts, Patterning is actually 2 bars off. Not noticeable if you start this recording from 1 or 3, but what if you started the recording from another point?

I recorded the same drum pattern from “in-point 1” and again from 1/8th note in and discovered that Patterning wasn’t being recorded from the start of the pattern, but from 1/8th note in. I can only guess that when inter-app sync is on, everything starts at the same time.

This screen shot shows the to tracks together.


Hopefully this helps.



I was just noticing that Steinberg just recently released Cubasis 3. I have been using Cubasis 2.8 and have no idea if version 3 has the same issues, but I’m not ready to spend another $50 to find out. Perhaps some of your team will have better luck than I did, but Steinberg has pretty much lost me as a customer on the iPad.