Patterning 2’s future


Can I just start by saying amazing work, this is a beautiful app taken to the next level. I feel like now is the best time to commend the new featured and suggest items for future updates.

Highlights and comments on next step development :

Slew tempo, however I dont understand the song option over the pattern one, but Ill get back to that…

The random stuff

The coarse tune quantizer is genius, really opens up Patterning to being a melodic jammer and with the random stuff a melody generator. However, how did it work out its route note or what note the original sample is? Is this something that can be set by the user or an under the hood potion?

The control over the pattern launch quantisation is very much welcome.

The fact you can control velocity on the record page is a wonderful surprise!

Drum kit swapping, oh yes!

Ratcheting is nice, but pehaps allow Ratchet Attack as well as Decay?

My big gripe that I know someone else has illustrated is the Song page, I simply never used the timeline but dont take any issue with it if others like it, my problem is with editing the patterns. I’d want to be able to move them around and rename each pattern as the way I use patterning is a live instrument. If something is created via brainstorming and I want to rearrange the order, its a major hassle.

Also state saving, which I haven’t tested but Ive seen dismay from other comments around, I have no desire to see Patterning 2 go AUv3 etc but more intergration into the save states of AUM, AB3 and apeMatrix would make this my main app for live performances. Seriously its so good but those niggles really make it hard to rely on it and thus, Patterning 1 has been out if favour from my live rig this year.

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Re tempos : I refer you to the user manual :

A pattern can have one of three tempo change modes : None, Song, or Pattern.

In Pattern mode, the pattern will override the current tempo and change to the pattern’s tempo.

In Song mode, the pattern will trigger a tempo change back to the song’s original tempo, if required.

In None mode, the pattern will do nothing to the tempo on launch, staying at the current tempo. None is the default mode.

What do you mean by ratchet attack? With decay levels of > 100% the racthets will get louder, is that what you are looking for?

Thanks for those suggestions! I have both of those feature requests (#78 and #48) already on the feature request list

I absolutely agree reordering/renaming sequences would be a great addition for live performance, and I’d like to prioritize it.

AB State Saving was previously not possible because Patterning 1 took too long to make the files, however, Patterning 2 is much faster at saving files so this might be more feasible now!


+1 for state saving!


+1 for state saving too!


Will it possible to see :

  • midi cc definition ( possibility to rename the cc )
  • layers mute
  • mute states saving


Thank you !


Mutes are saved with the drum kit and/or song… something else you are looking for?

Thanks for the other suggestions!


maybe i can suggest you something else :

put a little star ( like * ) juste close to the name of the parameter which contains at least one automation .this way we can instantly see where we have settings applied on the track , very useful when you start to automate à lot !