Patterning 2 - Drum sequences and patterns

Hi, Just wondering if there are patterning 2 sequence libraries to download? I like the app and it is very quick and easy to play around with but was wondering it there are pre backed options in regards to the patterns not the drum kits which i have lots of :slight_smile:

There are not :frowning: I’ve had this request a lot though, so it’s something I will consider adding when the opportunity arises!

Please don’t provide sequences out of the box. If people don’t want to put the effort into using Patterning like the instrument it is, they should use loops or DJ.

This paint by numbers approach to music on computers is destroying musicianship, and as a producer and label it’s driving us nuts. We hear more and more songs without melodies, beats without grooves and utter lack of creativity while trying to be something they’re not - a creative musician.

As a new user, I too would like a library of downloadable drum sequences of varying complexities. This would be a quick way to learn proper patterning and see what can be done. Although I appreciate the last members point of view, there are some of us who simply want a good starting point to help us jam to in the privacy of our own homes.

While Patterning 2 primarily focuses on drum sequencing and rhythm patterns, you can think of creating your own melodic patterns as a form of paint by numbers in the world of music production. It allows you to craft unique musical compositions by arranging notes and melodies in a structured and creative way, much like filling in a canvas using a paint-by-numbers kit. Enjoy your musical journey with Patterning 2!