Patterning 2 Audiobus Scene Saving

First, I want to thank you. This is an amazing work of art that allows others to make art, or at least try. I’m rarely inspired by user interfaces (they are often something to overcome), but your work has an allowed me to become more interested in software-based music creation.

I’m sure that you hear a number of requests; I have looked at github. However I thought I’d start this here as I want to make sure that I’m not missing anything, and, if I’m not, then to ask for when I see as missing from what would otherwise be the rhythmic foundation for this software-only, hell iOS only, endeavor.

As I said, I looked on github and I’ve tested this in the simplest way possible in Audiobus 3, further Audiobus’s website confirms that Pattering 2 does not support scene saving. If this were the case, to where I could then automate changes in files in Patterning and therefore create a setlist in Audiobus, I would be in really good shape.

I know others have asked for AUv3 format and other things. But other than creating additional instances of Patterning, which I’m not sure is viable —you’re the wizard, isn’t scene saving the main reason why a lot of these requests are coming in?

If I’m an idiot and I’ve missed something, by all means tell me of course. Otherwise, I appreciate your consideration. Thanks for making a wonderful thing with which to make wonderful things.

Thanks for the request. I haven’t looked back into this in a little while, it was previously not viable for Patterning, but it could be now… Will revisit next time I get a chance.

I’m actually in the same position.
At the moment I do a lot of sketches in Audiobus together with Patterning. But unfortunately the preset I chose isn’t remembered for the next load.
Would it be possible to automatically load the correct Patterning preset for every Audiobus preset.