Patterning 1 to Patterning 2 data question


I posed this question at the Audiobus forums but I feel I should ask here as well. When I got Patterning 2 I performed the database export from P1 to import database in P2. When I did the database export several kits had missing samples.

After trying it with the iTunes program ‘iTunesFileSharing’ as well as the iFunBox method several times I could never get the database to transfer (export/import) over smoothly. I took the time to export/import each song & each kit one by one using the Share—>.zip file—>Open In/Copy To Patterning 2 method and everything works fine, all samples accounted for.

Since I’ve done this with everything from P1, yet can’t actually view the imported samples in the Files app or iCloud for Patterning 2 due to the restriction in place, I want to just get 100% confirmation that it’s now safe to delete my Patterning 1 app & it’s data and that it’s not somehow connected with P2 is some sandbox sharing deal.

I am not a developer so the intricate inner workings of app coding, etc is not my bag; it’s just I see that the Patterning 2 app only lists as being 60mb in the storage settings while Patterning 1 is over 350mb. Since I can’t see my actual P2 data I’m just being cautious before deleting P1 & it’s data.




The data is not shared so once you are all set with migrating you can delete p1.

Sorry about the issues with database imports. I need to sort out what’s up with that. Sounds like the issue is sample data not getting imported. I will need to spend some time on this.


Thanks Ben! Brother I hope the majority of the users realize what a Herculean task it is to launch a new app & then handle all bug fixes, requests, questions, etc. as basically a one man team. I really appreciate all the effort & congrats again…