P2 latest version cpu load


Hi…enjoying the latest version of P2, with multi page pattern editing. Only issue for me is that this feature seems to increase cpu load at ciritcal times. I’ve got a looping set up involving apps within AUM that is then itself running inside Audiobus. I have the latency at 128, which is the largest I can enjoy using for percussion etc. hing is that if I use Patterning with latest features it sometimes causes clicks and other signs of cpu overload. It would be great if the pattern page editing could be turned on and off , as an option.
Thanks and Happy N Y


Answering myself here…I just discovered the ‘page size’ pop up menu! Great! all good.


Yeah, set the page size to 64, and it’s like turning the page size off — unless you’ve got more than 64 steps in a loop!