Newbie with Patterning 1 questions


Hi, I bought Patterning 1 yesterday (mistake I know but I found it before I found Patterning 2!) so assuming there is no option to upgrade without throwing away yesterday’s purchase I want to understand whether it’s worth it.

I want to use it for doing rock drums mainly for acoustic accompaniment and some of the new features I’ve seen don’t seem like they would be that useful to me, however in the first few hours I have identified some of the things I’d like and they may be in Patterning 1 but I can’t find them:

  • Renaming patterns - If I’ve created a pattern by copying it I would prefer to be able to change the name from, say, A3 to D.
  • Saving patterns to use in other songs
  • Creating and saving a user kit to use in other songs
  • Undo. Not just pattern changes but drumkit or drum sound changes

I’m sure I’ll learn a lot over the next few days and I’m excited to have such a flexible app to create tracks with!




Hey! So sorry that I wasn’t able to get back to you until now.

Of your 4 questions, unfortunately the answers to 1, 2, and 4 is no. Those features don’t exist.

However #3 you can save custom drum kits on the DRUM KITS page in both P1 and P2. Just use the Save / Save As… buttons and they will appear in your library.


Thats’ great, thanks Ben.

A final question, given what I want to do with it, do you think I would benefit tremendously from the upgrade to Patterning 2? Looks like some of the enhancements are more dance related but I do like the folders and saving options.