Midilearn for rotating ( pattern rotate or loop rotates )

I really need to control the rotates ( single arrows and double arrows and center button ) via midlearn but unfortunately patterning doesn’t have such a feature right now, is it possible to create midlearn for the rotates?

Maybe because of this work, it is necessary to create a midlearn for selecting the tracks so that after selecting the track, we can controll rotates .

And if a separate route is designed for each track in patterning, there is no need to select tracks, so we can create middlearns for 8 separate rotates .

With these method ( midilearn without selecting tracks ), we need 40 Midlearn for rotates.

But with selecting tracks method via midilearn , we need to 8 midilearn for selecting tracks and only 5 midilearn for rotates : 2 midilearn for 2 single arrows and 2 midilearn for double arrows and one for center button.