MIDI Note Out to Mac Is an Octave Out

As you can see from the video Patterning is outputting c4 and my Mac is reading c3.

Thanks yeah I know this is confusing.

I’ve always used C5 in the midi context because you can get the pitch class with note module 12 and octave designation from pitch / 12. This is so much nicer when using midi pitch numbers but I get it. It’s actually different in different pieces of software but I know that I’m not choosing the most popular choice here. But there are also folks that call middle c C3 so I’m not the craziest person in the room!

Here’s a bit of info about some different ways of numbering octaves. From MIDI Note Numbers for Different Octaves. MIDI Note/Key Number Chart. MIDI note number 60

MIDI specification only defines note number 60 as “Middle C”, and all other notes are relative. The absolute octave number designations shown here are based on Middle C = C4.

There is a discrepancy that occurs between various models of MIDI devices and software programs, and that concerns the octave numbers for note names. If your MIDI software/device considers octave 0 as being the lowest octave of the MIDI note range, then middle C’s note name is C5. The lowest note name is then C0 (note number 0), and the highest possible note name is G10 (note number 127).

Some software/devices instead consider the third octave of the MIDI note range (2 octaves below middle C) as octave 0. In that case, the first 2 octaves are referred to as -2 and -1. So, middle C’s note name is C3, the lowest note name is C-2, and the highest note name is G8.

Thanks. Makes sense.