Loop pages workflow and gradient steps


Hi Ben,

Two things that might help the workflow while working with pages, both related to see and work with the relationship of hits on different channels:

1 It would be nice if you can remain on the page you work on when you switch from one channel to the other.

2 It’s hard to make out the relationship between focused and collapsed channels:
Collapsed channels show the complete cycle and the focused channel shows paged cycles. Even when I switch channels to see the relationship in collapsed mode and going back to pages, my brain needs to work more then I want to. I might need some practice here, but often not going more then 2 bars per channel I sometimes would like the option to not use pages or maybe the ability to set a minimum amount of steps when paginating will happen. Or could both collapsed and focused channel reflect the same page while switching pages?

A last thing, Patterning is great for working with velocities, to show the steps in coloured gradients reflecting the velocities would help when working with the syncopation.

thanks again for Patterning, it has become a staple as a midi sequencer into Ableton.

greetings from Holland,



OK, just read an answer here that partly solves it: P2 latest version cpu load