Independent outputs?

Just curious if there is currently a way or if it could be a possible feature request to get each channel from Patterning as an independent output. Would make external processing much easier to have each element isolated without having to track multiple times. Would also make it possible to interface with modular gear better then via something like an Expert Sleepers ES-9, which would be absolutely incredible

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Hey there,
Currently, you can use Inter App Audio to route the different tracks into another app, but it doesn’t support different physical outputs. I agree this would be a really cool thing to implement at some point.

So the current solution is : if you have an app like AUM, you can route Patterning’s tracks individually into tracks of AUM and then route those to outs of your audio interface.

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Fantastic, did not notice that in AudioBus there’s the independent outs for each track. Thank you for clarifying this

Yes. AUM is the way to go. It works brilliantly and allows plugin inserts etc on each channel. I have the separate channels routed to my 8 out sound card. I just wish I could have multiple instances of Patterning inside AUM so I could have one dedicated to drums and one for melodics.

I tend to use Patterning 2 as a percussive unit and route the kick and snare channels either to a different sampler or, in the case of the kick, to something like Bleass Sidekick so that I can process those two elements separately through a different chain and keep the main Patterning output with the more generally percussive elements (which I tend to use the same chain of effects on)

Having Patterning 2 as an AUv3 to enable multiple instances of it would allow me to literally use nothing but different channels running their own instance of Patterning. That would be an insanely powerful unit!

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