Importing bounced pattern as new instrument fails


After creating a pattern and rendering it as an audio file from the master output, I imported it into a new song and, using the same time divisions as the original pattern, I added it as one of the instruments. The file plays correctly, but when it reaches the start of the loop, it glitches and starts playing on top of itself out of phase. I tried rendering as a loop thinking the start end fades would help, but no joy. Anyone had any experience with this? Any solutions?


Does the song have the same tempo as the original drum loop?


The new song has the same BPM as the original song and the same steps and note length, but I didn’t check the BPM of the imported file. I’ll check that and let you know. The imported bounced audio ended so close to the start point when it finished playing that I didn’t consider it might be slightly off the original BPM (pre-bounce).


Here’s my settings: Tempo was 120 BPM for the original song and the new song with Song Mode = Standard, Step Duration= Sixteenth, and Steps = 32. I’m guessing my export setting are incorrect. When I play the imported audio file (on the Waveform/Sample Library page) it cuts off before finished the entire file and when it loops I get the glitchy sound that I hear on the Pattern editing page in Forward loop mode.
I tried with these settings: Export Type = Audio, Export Options = Master Output. I used those settings in all possible combinations with Current Pattern or Song, and Render as Loop or Catch Effect Trail or Clip. For Render Length I used: Measures - 4/4 = 2, Quarter Notes = 0, Sixteenth Notes = 0, Ticks-96 PPQ = 0. To be honest, I couldn’t figure out from the documentation or other research what the Quarter Notes, Sixteenth Notes, and Ticks-96 PPQ settings mean, so I left the default (0).
Addendum: When I play the imported audio file (on the Waveform/Sample Library page) it sometimes will play to the end but still glitches when played on the Pattern as an instrument.


SOLVED: Edouard Ian on iPad Audio/Music Apps (Facebook group) suggested changing the sample rate and that fixed it. I switched from 48kHz to 44.1kHz and everything sounds as it should. Thanks for your help.


Glad you found that work around. Technically it’s a bug, but to fix it would cause a lot of issues with backwards compatibility, so it sort of needs to wait for a major new version.


As a retired software engineer, I understand where “sort of needs to wait” comes from.