Help, Patterning 2 Error, can't open app


Hi All,

I just tried to insert 4 minutes of audio with the m4a extension.
Initially it went well, until at one point, the Patterning 2 app crashed.

Now, I can’t open Patterning 2. On the loading song, the animation rotates and it will force close again.

I"ve tried to turn off the app, restart my iPad Air, and offload the Patterning 2 app.

Unfortunately, nothing works. I know removing the app & reinstalling will allow me to open patterning again. But I will lose many of my songs & samples.

No Patterning folder in Files App. I guess there is no sample or data that I can duplicate from Files App.

Any suggestions for me?


Hi – please email me at our support at olympianoiseco email address and I will help you figure out what’s going on.


Problem solved! You helps a lot Ben! Thank you very much…
No missing files, no missing songs, what a great support from Patterning!