Feaure request... 2 patterning apps running at the same time


I have a feature request that is extremely easy and will make you some money for very little work. Make a duplicate patterning app and call it Gninrettap. It is exactly like patterning in every single way, except the name. It is also sold in the app store. The idea is that you now control 16 pads by having both of them running at the same time. (16 pads is important if you are using patterning with some hardware impcs etc.) Since your app sells for $4.99, you could even do a bundle and sell the two apps together for $6.99 or $7.99. Let me know what you think. Sebastian


Ha I like it :slight_smile: People might be kinda annoyed though. And Apple wouldn’t allow it.


Hmmm why wouldnt apple allow it? Technically they already do allow this for other apps. You can install impc, impc Pro and impc pro 2 all at the same time. I have them all,installed on this ipad. The one difference is that they are materially different, but who draws this fuzzy line?


Also what people would be annoyed? If you dont want the extra app, dont get it. For those who do, you are now abke to control 16 sounds simultaneously. The most serious work you would have to do is testing which ipads are going to allow you to run both without glitching. Then limit downloads of the second app to only those ipads.


Actually i just realized i can install patterning and patterning 2 at the same time. It works for now.


Yeah, I was going to suggest that. You can’t trigger MIDI input on Patterning 1 though.


Here is what made me think of it… https://www.facebook.com/groups/1704410769839550/permalink/2378054195808534/

Also, can you trigger chnage of drum sets through midi, like bank select… that would put your app over the top.


Ah that means you cant trigger 16 pads… someone in the threa meantioned velocity layers. Having multiple apps and limits on what gelocity triggers the sample is also a nice to have. Imagine hitting the kick drum and from 90 to 127 it triggers one kick, and from 30 to 90 another kick, and from 0 to 30 triggers nothing.


Actually what we are asking for would rival a drum brain like v-drums. Maybe study those for features. It would be cool if on the drum kit page, there was a place you could assign different drums to different midi banks. This is next level stuff. You would be rivalling a full drum brain for a mere fraction of the cost.


All this stuff sounds awesome. Not trivial to add, though. Can you write up a feature request and post it on the GitHub site : https://github.com/olympianoiseco/Patterning-2-Public


Sure thing. Since the midi bank change thing is new and makes it act like a drum brain, it would be ok to make it a $9.99 upgrade. The level triggering is not as important imho. Being able to run 2 instances of patterning 2 would be ideal for many drum control applications today, as the ability to have 16 drum sounds is better than 8.