Feature request: staying on one page for loops with more steps

Hi, I just joined, did a quick check and don’t see anything that matches this. Apologies if I missed it.

I think the beauty of Patterning is working on and seeing your loop spin round in one single circle. It’s both aesthetically pleasing but more importantly intuitive and “make sense” when building a beat.

So I’d like to suggest that the loop wheel can accommodate more than just 16 steps…

If I want a 5/4 beat with 20 steps, it goes to the second page. Or a 7/4 beat with 28 steps does the same.

The work surface seems big enough to accommodate one loop wheel (on a single page) that can show me more than 16 steps (like 20, 28 or more).

It would be way more intuitive than a second page with a second “wheel” spinning. To go from a 16-step wheel to a 4-step or 12-step wheel feels “off” and breaks the magic of Patterning.

IMHO. If that could be done at least as an option to a second page, I think I would love that feature.

The setting you are looking for is called “PAGE SIZE” and you can read about it on page 14 of the manual.

"Page & Grid Settings

Tap just below the Steps control to open up the PAGE and GRID settings for the current loop.

The PAGE SIZE control sets the number of steps per page in the current loop. PAGE SIZE can either be set to the song’s default value or to a value between 4 - 64. Tap SET AS DEFAULT to set the current page size as the default for all loops within the current song."

That’s awesome! Sorry I missed it but there’s so much to take in.

Damn, this lets me, for example, create a 13-beat pattern (52 steps)! Just tried it out and it works brilliantly. So cool…

So much good stuff with Patterning 2, Ben. You’re a genius.