Feature Request - Song Overhaul

I’ve been using Patterning since the first version and have used it mostly for building backings for duo performances, so therefore using the Song Interface A LOT. Here’s some thoughts and requests after all this time. I know this will all be towards Patterning 3 by now but just thought I’d put in my thoughts.

The song page is quite unforgiving at the moment. ATM making a mistake (one of the classics is when dragging thro the timeline and accidentally making one of the blocks a lot longer) in the timeline means a lot of fiddly shifting about and remembering of what was there. An undo button would be amazing help here. This would be an undo button specifically for manipulations of the song patterns.

Cursor following would be great also. At the moment the interface jumps between the patterns at the top but doesn’t allow for the following of the cursor, so cue lots of horizontal scrolling.

Having a loop selection (like in Logic Pro) would help when working on particular sections. Another one here would be section headings and colours to help orientation.

Being able to rename patterns with meaningful names would also be v helpful.

Another thing would be the ability to have the timeline wrap onscreen so that there is more of the structure showing. Along with this being able to dismiss/minimise the pattern bar and the tool buttons at the bottom would be great, again a real estate for structure thing.

Feature not related to song. The ability to layer sounds in the kit editor. I almost always layer kick and snare sounds and it takes up valuable slots.

Thanks for your amazing programme.

Hey @kelmanbob!

Thanks, yeah, I agree that song mode is in need of some love!

I have indeed been working on ideas for the song mode in P3.

Right now these are the things I’ve been focusing on :

  • Multiple timelines. You can have multiple timelines that can be looped and then switch between sections. So for example you could make a chorus timeline, and a verse timeline, each with multiple patterns in them. Ideally there will be a way to loop each section a certain number of times, followed by an action (next pattern, stop, etc), and/or a way to chain timelines together, but that might not be be ready for the 3.0 launch, we’ll see.

  • Tap a pattern to add it to the end of the timeline. This just makes it way easier to compose in the timeline.

Renaming Patterns – Yup! That’s already figured out.

I’d love to include you in the beta test, whenever it is time. Send me a DM and I’ll add you when the time comes.

They both sound like interesting features.

Another thing that occurred to me is being able to add at a point or overwrite a pattern within (rather than at the end) the timeline from the pattern bank - either by tapping or dragging.

Will message. Cheers