“Failed to open project file” patterning export problem


I get the message “oops. Failed to open project file” whenever I attempt to export a patterning project as an Ableton live set. I get this message in patterning 1 and patterning 2. What is this all about?


Is this when you try to open in in Ableton, or during the export process?


It happens when I am exporting in patterning. It starts to export… I see the spinning circles that signify each track/part being bounced, but then instead of being presented with options of where to save the file, I get an error message saying, “oops. Failed to open project file.”


FYI for readers: This has been resolved. This is a bug that happens when the name of the song has the character / in the title. The file system thinks that it’s a folder and can’t create the file :slight_smile: