Exporting Ratchet midi notes with Ableton Live export?



Loving to new app and features. I tried to export a pattern that included ratchet notes on a track using ableton live export. When I opened the session the midi notes that showed up did not play back with my ratchet settings. What am I doing wrong here?


Thanks, yea, this is a known “bug.” More like a feature I haven’t had the chance to tackle yet. Thanks for reminding me and I’ll try to have a look shortly.


I have this up and running. If you’d like to help me out, you can send me your email to be included in the beta test.


Hi Ben,

My email is rchychota@gmail.com. you can send here. Thanks



HI Ben,

Thanks for sending the new Beta version with the fixes. I tested it out and re exported a pattern with the ratchet notes and they show up in ableton. One thing though is that I have my midi notes in patterning 2 set to the appropriate channels for the drum machine I’m using and when opened the notes are all wrong. For instance I have C1 assigned for the bass, but it is showing up in ableton as C0. Same with all the other drums where they are an octave off. So when I open the set and playback I need to move the notes around. Was this something you experienced or noticed? Also majority of the time I just want to export midi notes. In the midi tab it has audio, both, and midi. I have just midi selected, but the ableton live set opens with audio channels. They are blank, but would nice to be able to just have the midi tracks. I feel like in patterning 1 if I remember correctly it did that. One more thing I noticed was if I exported as master output instead of individual tracks the ratchet notes did not show up on the clip.



Are the MIDI notes wrong, or are they named differently? There’s actually several different ways to label MIDI notes – e.g. Middle C can be C3, C4, or C5 depending on who you ask.

I’ll look and see about the other things.


Hi Ben,

I’ve attached 2 photos. One is a screen shot of the pattern I exported with C1 assigned for the kick. The next is how it opens in Ableton being an octave off.patterning%20kick%20drumpatterning%20kick%20in%20ableton%20export




In both cases, the MIDI Note output is note number 24. This corresponds to the C three octaves below middle C.

In Ableton, MIDI note 24 is labelled C0.
In Patterning, MIDI note 24 is labelled C1.

They are the sending the same MIDI note number (24), they just are given different display names. The resulting MIDI output is identical!


Regarding master output MIDI tracks. I think I will need to just generate all the MIDI tracks independently in both master and track output. There is no way in the Live export API to specify MIDI channels, so it makes more sense to keep them separate and use Ableton to combine them manually.


Nevermind, I think updating master MIDI track makes sense enough. If someone really needs the channel data, they can export as individual tracks. Check the next beta to see how it’s working.