Drum library organisation?


Newbe here so please be kind…
Can anyone help on organising my samples. I have a percussion sample library of about 1200 samples and if I load them all into Patterning’s ‘User Samples’ space you can understand it will be unworkable.
Question is; How can I organise my samples in IOS/Patterning categories so that I can create a clear structure - expanding on the default drum categories - kick, snare etc. - to include my percussion instrument samples.
But hear me, this app really kicks some! Love it.


Hey Bevan,
This is Patterning 1? In Patterning 1, unfortunately the default folders are all there is. When you import a sample it’ll automatically look at the name of the sample to sort into the folders. This was of course less than ideal, which is why I included folders in version 2.

In v2, you can organize into your own folders. Here’s a demo video of how that works : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9RwbZSsz9Q&list=PLvlJpU4QCfdDJ5g7MYegDrhY90sm5f70M&index=14&t=0s


When using Patterning 2 and following the steps on the video multiple times, previously imported samples are being removed. Notes from my post @ audiobus forum (https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/28436/patterning-2-file-import-sample-management#latest)

@benkamen Actually digging in a bit deeper I’m seeing a pretty significant issue / bug.

All files added to a ‘user created folder’, disappear after importing new files to the ‘USER SAMPLES’ folder (in some instances)
Or all files added to a ‘user created folder’, disappear after moving imported files to another folder (in other instances)
I’ve been able to repeat this approx. 10 times. I’m on latest iOS, latest patterning version

Also, is their no way to import directly into a user created folder?



Hey Skoptic,
I’m not sure I understand exactly what’s going on here – can you possibly make a video showing what’s going on and send it to me support @ olympianoiseco.com? That would be the most helpful/fastest way for me to identify and fix the bug! Thanks!


Here are the current updates I’m working on :

  1. Ability to import directly into the current sample folder
  2. Ability with Dropbox to import the entire contents of a folder.
  3. Clarity regarding the difference between sample folders vs. USER/ALL/Recent folders.


Was there any progress on this topic ?
I am using (files) to import, its really a very annoying process at the moment.
Also is there a way to add (select all) to the Sample Library section.
I want to load my library of drum machines but I don’t want to load them and then have to select each sound to add to a folder, seems like double handling.



You can “select all” in Files to import multiple files at once and the samples will be automatically added to the currently selected folder. You can also select a “edit” and then select multiple files to add multiple samples into another folder