Dot Melody Record Function

Hi ,

New to forum thanks for having me.

On Sound Test room demo there is a record button below the play button. On download this is missing. Can anyone shed any light on this.

Also is there a manual or are the videos all that’s on offer ? The app just takes you to the Olympia Noise page and I can’t see a manual there .

Any help appreciated.


Hi Matt

Are you using Patterning 1 or 2? On Patterning one there is a record button to automate parameters such as attack, hold etc. This is located on the “pattern” tab, on the lower part of the patterning editor (the big ring where you draw the patterns), it is labeled "Auto/rec on my app. To add a drum pattern you can only do it by drawing on each wedge of the ring

On Patterning 2 you have a record button next to the play button (on the menu bar), and now you can record whatever you play on the drum pads, on the “record” tab. Pressing that record button will also allow you to automate the aforementioned parameters (attack, etc)

There is a pdf manual on this site:

Hope this helps