Database import/export missing? How to backup?

I’m not seeing the Database import/export wording in Patterning 2’s File menu now? I don’t see it anywhere else either. How to export a database backup now? Just through the Files app?

Hi there,
Yes, this was removed because it’s no longer a viable way to backup the database.

This isn’t properly documented. But…
If you need to backup the database : Download the mac application iExplorer. Navigate to your iPad > Apps > Patterning > Library > Application Support

Copy these three folders :

(everything else is not important to back up)

Verify that everything is backup up correctly on your computer.

Then, if you want to restore the database, copy those files to the same place on another iPad. You will need to first install and run Patterning once to create the Application Support directory.

I know this isn’t ideal, but the other way was not reliable and I couldn’t allow people to use it anymore.

Thanks… I’ll post this in the Audiobox Forum, where I’ve asked the same question.

And thanks for a great app!

When using both iExplorer and iMazing, I see no Application Support folder/directory in the Patterning 2 app. Are you sure this is working?

Thanks for any help. I need to back up all the work I’ve done in Patterning 2. Because it’s such an excellent app!

It’s inside Library. If your folder structure doesn’t look like this let me know.


Thanks for responding… no, I only see the original Patterning 1 backup when I click on the Patterning 2 folder. No other folders/files. iMazing should access the same directories as iExplorer, correct? I’m using both. iExplorer seems a bit buggy on the Mac. OS X 10.11.6, iPad Air 3.

iExplorer is buggy, yes.

I’ve never used iMazing.



That’s strange. I’m not sure what’s going on. Do you have access to a newer operating system than OSX 10.11? I’m using 10.14, so I’m wondering if that’s the issue.

Have you recently used Patterning 2 on that device?

Not sure what you mean… I’ve only tried to back up Patterning 2, which is when I discovered it wouldn’t work. 10.11.6 is my preferred OS.

The Patterning (1) backup shown in the captures is from an export from… Patterning, then imported into Patterning 2. That worked perfectly, sorry to hear it’s not reliable now.

Sorry … I was asking that because sometimes if you don’t use an app for awhile iOS offloads the app… and in that case I don’t know if the application support directory would still show up or not. But that doesn’t seem like the case.

I’ll see if I can think of a workaround.

Oh, and to clarify, the reason it doesn’t work now is that Patterning 2 backs up samples and drum kit images outside of the data base, so there is more than just a database file to be backed up.

@benkamen: it would be great if you exposed these directories to the Files app so that people don’t need to resort to using a desktop machine-- it only takes a few lines of code. More information about how to do it here:

The Files folder is already exposed, you can use it to export audio and song files.

The database files, samples and images folders, are not in that folder; they are stored in the Application Support directory, as is recommended for files that aren’t meant to be user-facing. (i.e. moving them will be bad)

I do have some ideas about how to make them accessible via Files. I’ll do some investigating once I wrap up this next new feature update.

Thanks for the info… and also, when backing up through iTunes, does Patterning 2 store all the relevant app data in that backup? As opposed to manually backing up the database files, samples and images folders?

Yes, the data is in Application Support, which is backed up automatically with regular iPad backups.

Any chance of being able to back up as previously possible? You mentioned you’d look into it, through Files? Great app, just don’t want to lose any data. Thanks…