Current best practice for migrating from Patterning v1 to v2

Hello. Reading over the instructions for migrating databases from v1 to v2 and I’m wondering if there is a currently recommended method. I don’t have a machine that can run iTunes, so that rules out iExplorer. And with iMazing, I am unable to see the Library folder within the App folders (which another user here encountered, it seems.)

I can use iMazing to move an .onps file from one v1 to v2, but the song doesnt show up in the Open dialogue in v2.

And it seems I can copy my drum kits one at a time using the Share function.

But is there a reliable way to migrate all the data at once?

There is not – I need to remove that from the manual. It was briefly supported but proved to be unreliable.

The best/only thing to do it to export your songs in the .onps format and open them in Patterning 2. Kind of a pain, but maybe just do them one at at time as needed.

Sorry about that!