Chordion - What are the chances of bringing back something like Noise:Cloud?

I am sure that other will agree that Chordion is a great app to quickly get some nice chords layered down.

However I don’t love it as much as I used to (back in 2017) since the Noise:Cloud was removed.
This added soooo much potential and power to the app to get ideas and chords from others… It was magic.

What are the chances you could make it a mission to bring something like this back to Chordion?
It is what really set Chordion apart from other Chord generating apps.
I am sure that other Olympia Noise fans will agree?

Many thanks - I just wanted to voice my thoughts in hope that they might resonate.

Hey @NicholasD, Welcome!

Old school! Yeah the noise cloud was really cool, though the service that was hosting it shut down a long long time ago so I had to remove it. In Patterning there is a similar thing for sharing drum kits, which is Apple hosted and therefore less likely to get closed down.

I would love to include something like that if and when Chordion 2 ever comes out. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that Chordion 2 was in the works for awhile but was never completed due to various life circumstances. I do want to get to that someday, but for now I’m in Patterning 3 mode and focusing on that. In my ideal world I’d be able to go back and forth between new versions of Chordion and Patterning every year or two, because I do love Chordion and I think the concept is worth updating.

Haha yep Old School indeed! Thanks for the full explanation and reply Ben! I fully understand how life circumstances have to dictate our path forward in life… Maybe it’s worth putting a survey out on Facebook or something to see if there’s many in the same boat as me? I for one would pay good money to see Chordion 2 hit the App Store!
Patterning 3 sounds also cool. I have just been hunting for something to replace Chordions Noise Cloud since we lost it :frowning:
All the best with your plans going forward mate and thanks for the great contributions to our creative arsenal!