Changing drum kit picture problem

Hi Ben,
I think there is a bug when it comes to changing a drum kit picture. When I click and hold on the picture (under “current drum kit”) I get a message that gives me two options: 1) Select more photos… and 2) Keep current selection.
I am seeing some odd behaviors.
If I select "Keep current selection. " nothing happens, but I cannot go back to seeing the two options after clicking on the picture, unless I restart the app
If I press Select more photos…it takes me to the photos folder, where I can select my pictures. Here I see two options. A) Either I select a picture and press done, and then I see a small black screen with the new picture. If I press cancel I go back to the main screen. If I click on the picture of the drum kit now I have the choice to change the picture to the new one, but now, if I long press on the picture again (i.e. in order to change it) I never again see the option of Select more photos…I have to close the app and restart it in order to see that message again.
B) The other odd behavior is when (after restarting the app) I long press on the picture and get the Select more photos… option. Now, if instead of selecting an image and clicking “done” afterwards I select an image and go to “show selection” that image is shown at a bigger scale, but then I cannot go back to the previous screen (or anywhere else for that matter). The only option to get out of that screen is to close the app and restart it.

Let me know if I should send you screen shots to make this more clear