Can't sync Ableton Link start/stop to AUM

Hello. I have Patterning as an inter-app audio instrument on the input of a track in an AUM session with Ableton Link enabled. On the AUM side I have Sync Start/Stop enabled, but on the Patterning side when I enable Ableton Link I don’t see the next dialogue that shows the Sync Start/Stop option as seen in this video at around 5:20

The BPM syncs. But naturally I’d like Patterning to start and stop with the rest of the AUM Session. I’m on an Ipad Air 4th Gen running iOS 16.6.1.

Hey Chuck!

Is this Patterning 1? Link start/stop was introduced with v2!


Sorry - yes Patterning 2.

Interesting – It should show up! Can you attach a screen shot?

Ah - my mistake! I had on older v1 installed and it looks like that’s what I had instantiated in AUM. Sorry, and thanks!

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