Bug: the samples don’t change when the program plays


It happens that when I play a patterning2 after few minutes I can’t change the sample anymore, or i can’t delete the triggher\vel.


Hey Burla, is this on the latest version of the app? Check the App Store to make sure there isn’t an update to 2.0.10… let me know!


Yes, is the last version… but wait because yesterday night I player and I had not problem, so if I should have problem I’ll let you know.


Ok sorry the bug happened again. If it could be useful I recorded a video.


Thanks - yea, please do make a video for me. You can email me @ support@olympianoiseco.com so I can look at it.


Also, when it happens, can you do me a favor and use the “mail” icon on the file screen to generate a report to send to me?