X2 Button upper right where Sample controls are Functionality


Hi everyone.
To the chase:

  1. I dont understand this Button. I mean i see what its doing but if i make a loop longer , say i push x2 twice i get a 4 bar loop. My problem is, i see no way to go back and make it shorter?
  2. Is there an UNDO button i dont see in Patterning?



Right now, the way to undo it is to go to the LOOP settings and change the step count. So if you were at 8, and hit 2x, it’ll be 16 now. To undo that, unfortunately, the only way at the moment is to change the step count back to 8.


I see. Well better than nothing. I can work with that. Was a bit surprised that there is no General undo button in the app. But am sure one day. Thank you for taking the time to answer