Where is default kit, and other questions


LOVING the app.

  1. Where is the “default” kit? After I downloaded some kits from the cloud I can’t seem to find it

  2. Is there a way to specify a velocity for a step if I do want a bunch of steps to have the same velocity?



After you download kits from cloud kits, it will temporarily hide the full Drum Kit library to focus on the ones you just downloaded. On the bottom of the screen there should be a bar that says “SHOW ALL KITS” and that will reveal the rest of the kits.

#2 is a great suggestion, and I’ll add it to feature requests. I’d have to come up with a clear UI for that interaction. There are two things that might help in the meantime.

As you change a velocity, in the top right corner it will tell you the value for that step. So you can at least see the precise value.

The other thing is the pen echo mode, which you can read about in the manual. Basically you can write in multiple values at once, repeating at a certain interval. Long press the “pen” button to enable it.



Thank you so much!

Regarding a UI design for that feature, I’m imagining something very similar to the pen implementation, where once you press the pen in, you can also press in a “button” that locks in a user-specified velocity?

Fantastic app, and thanks again!