Triggering external devices via patterning and Bluetooth to midi

Hello there, I’ve been trying to setup patterning 2 as the main sequencer in my rig. I’ve been able to get tempo lock and start stop, for whatever reason doesn’t seem to be sending any other info, midi channel, note, cc, to trigger. Also not seeing any midi info on computer midi line. Tried another app but had no problem triggering midi # or note, haven’t bothered with cc yet. Any thoughts
Of course I’ve set up channel and note in pattern part within patterning 2

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Can you share more information about your setup? What DAW are you using? Are you using MIDI clock to sync, or Link? Can you share screenshots of your MIDI input settings on the DAW and MIDI output settings in Patterning? That will help me guide you!

Good day and thanks for your time. Soooo although the DAW is a part of the problem, it really seems as none of my hardware is receiving this info either. Of course I’ll send the info you asked for, cause I would also like to figure the problem there but have a feeling it’s something more rudimentary, basically once I can get any of these devices to recognize receive signal then I think all of them will. I’ve tried the setup multiple ways but for this we’ll say I just have midi clock in and out is set to blue tooth midi device, Yamaha MD-BT01, and only have one part sending midi on channel one note# C2. The Bluetooth device is connected to 3x8 midi man router. On the router I see I’m receiving midi signal. But beyond this all I seem to be getting is clock and start stop. I have tried hooking this up directly to my main sequencer, Yamaha RM1X but still the same results. The midi connect/converter for computer is motu 8 pre and the software is Cubase LE, yes the original from 2006, actually all equipment predates this software ha, except Bluetooth related devices. The other devices I’m trying to trigger are Korg Electribes and Emu sound modules, with all these devices I’ve gone thru and checked whether set to internal, midi or external and MTC, clock sync, receiving all, Omni, poly, multi, or mono, Will send photos soon. One question you ask that I’m not sure of is sync or link, wondering if link is an additional app for running additional apps, if so I’m not attempting this at this time. If this has to do with just the way units interpret the info received I’m uncertain of the difference. The only way I’ve seen link is when using two emu modules together for poly midi overflow. The one test I did do to verify it wasn’t Bluetooth device was running nord beat 3 a simple sequencer, which had no problem receiving midi triggers on the channel selected, but it didn’t trigger start stop, but that maybe in the internal setting on my device, I keep switching them around to see what works and what doesn’t.
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I sent this yesterday, but didn’t realize needed to be put in forum for you to get.






In the second picture, tap on MIDI Port (it’s currently set to Patterning 2) and set that to use your bluetooth output instead. That should do it!

Hey there, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve turned on the Bluetooth connection like you said, but still not receiving midi at external hardware, still only clock and start stop. Basically still all the same results. Except with midi return set to Bluetooth midi return, patterning is reacting very strange if I stop external sequencer, glitchy.

Are the MIDI notes getting from Patterning into the DAW?

Not that I see, here is a photo of midi channel recordingimage

Isn’t the input for that channel set to be the 8Pre? It needs to be set to use the bluetooth input.

If Bluetooth was hooked directly to motu, but it not it’s hooked to a midi man 3x8, then goes to motu, all test I’ve been doing direct have been with RM1X and Electribes. Which show no midi data recieved on led except on start stop.also if your referring to Bluetooth for computer, it doesn’t have.

Sorry, I’m having a hard time understanding your setup! A good test might be to simplify the settings as much as possible. Can you also confirm that this port is now set to use your Bluetooth output?


imageYes, I’ve turned off the midi return for patterning, and only sending one parts midi info, all others are set to audio, and midi line is on solo. And this appears to be the last reply I can make on here today. this also appears to be the last submission I can make today.

Ok, well I’m not sure how, but got it to finally work. The final settings were midi port Bluetooth, like you’d said, receive is set to patterning 2, but think it could be set to off for my current purpose. Send set to Bluetooth. Which I swear I’d had it setup on many other attempts, but oh well, I must have missed something. Now if I were going to have any future problems, it would be receiving midi, question, does pattern record incoming midi info, say I wanted to record a sequence from an external sequencer. I do understand it recurved cc info for knob adjustment and the like, but noticed it only saying midi send for parts, do they also receive on this same channel? Anyways thanks for your time, and bearing with me.:kissing_heart:

Patterning can record incoming MIDI notes. You’ll need to assign each pad/track to receive the correct note/channel/etc. You do this on the RECORD page, and then tapping the MIDI learn button.

Likewise, you can assign CCs to specific parameters, and record those parts in as automation. It doesn’t directly capture the CCs.

If you setup a CC layer in Patterning, it will send CCs on the same MIDI port / channel as the notes are sent.

Hope that helps!