Transferring Large Sample Library

Hi, I’m trying to copy my entire sample library into Patterning 2. I’d like to keep all of the folder and subfolder routes if this is possible (???).

The manual says: If you have a very large sample set to import, you can use iTunes File Sharing to import a folder of samples at once. Simple copy a folder (or folders, it will recursively find all valid audio files) of samples to Patterning 2 in iTunes File Sharing. Then choose Import > iTunes Files Sharing to import all samples into the app at once.

But I’m using MacOS 11.5 which only lets you transfer using the Finder and not iTunes/Music.

UPDATE: I’ve transferred the files, about 17GB across to the Patterning2 folder. When I run P2, none of the samples are there. If I go into the P2 folder using Files on my iPad, the files are there. If I click on one of the samples, P2 runs, but hangs indefinitely at ‘loading database… this may take a minute’

Any ideas?

Hey Henryo,
I’ll have to look into this. I think the manual is out of date in this regard, since iTunes File Sharing has been replaced by FILES. What you can do is choose FILES from the IMPORT menu in Patterning. Navigate to the folder of samples, then choose “Select” from the top right followed by “Select All” from the top left. That should in theory work! Because it’s a huge sample library it may take awhile, so if you can do it in smaller batches that may yield better results. Hope that helps!?

@benkamen It would be amazing if Patterning supported batch importing of folders or zip files. Since iTunes import went away, uploading folders isn’t possible.

Hey @nondes! Did you try the method from the previous comment?

@benkamen While importing individual samples (in batch) in a folder is working. I’m wondering if whole folders could be imported. I have existing kits organized into folders already, so I’d like to import them as is rather than folder by folder, which would also involve then re-organizing them in Patterning.

Actually, thinking about it a bit more. Since Patterning’s folder is already visible in Files, if Patterning was able read/load any files from there, that would be perfect with needing to import them. It’s similar to how Beatmaker3’s local files are visible in the app and the Files app.

Yeah, I agree that would be a great solution. As I work towards version 3, I will look into the feasibility of transitioning to that kind of setup!