Synching patterning opz and aum


Upsetting everyone on forums for iOS apps because I do not understand how to set up midi even after reading all of the manuals I am not home to work in ableton goal was to have a tiny studio I could take home and disconnect W an opz iPad Pro and beat step you think this would be possible but I still can’t figure it out ha.
I’m just trying to run patterning through my opz I just want to be able to press play on my OP-Z and have everything in patterning play in sync w opz! Not sure why the play at the top doesn’t sync up to my device it is finding it and I can play the keys and program steps!and like 3 synth apps so far I got it all working but the opz is playing everything on channel 1 I’m not sure if the problem lies with in aum or my lack of understanding in patterning. but I think the problem exists with in aum kinda upset I don’t get it! I got patterning to recognize the opz and aum understands it! Is this the right place for this post ? Should I be asking questions with aum or y’all. Anyway I love patterning and love the new swap option I’m just trying to put my opz to good use and it feels like the dream team if I can get it all synched!


Sounds like the OPZ connects directly to the iPad and shows up as a MIDI port? If so…

In Patterning, open up the Clock Sync menu on the FILE screen.

Enable MIDI Clock Receive as the clock source, and then select the OPZ MIDI port as your clock source.

That should be all you need to do!



Also, if OPZ is sending MIDI clock when you navigate to this menu, it should be lighting up to tell you that it is receiving clock data.



I’ve also got tracks 1 thru 8 enabled on OP-Z. I got midi to play out on keys no success on temp or play w midi clock.


Also took AUM out of the equation so we could isolate support specifically for patterning!


Also this works great


Still would prefer more control :slight_smile: happy holidays and thank you for the speedy support and great product.


When you press play on the OPZ with the MIDI Clock Receive window open, do you see it light up? It should light up and say what error % there is within the clock signal if it is sending it.

I’m testing right now with Arturia Keystep and getting it to work. I wonder if it has something to do with Bluetooth – but that fact that it’s showing up at all means it should work. Sounds like it works fine with other apps though. I’ll think about this and maybe the answer will come to me…


I set up my keystep flawlessly my thoughts are the fact it’s not hooked up directly is causing issue Kind of a bummer but I’m assuming it’s the opz and hopefully it will be updated in the future I’ll try to get my usb c hooked up and see if it fixes the issue and I’ll reach out to te about it and see what they have to say! Thanks again!