Switching Between Different Time Signatures

Hi there! As someone who uses Patterning 2 like CONSTANTLY, I was wondering about a particular behavior.

If I have one pattern that’s in 7/4, and another that’s in 3/4, when I switch from one to the other, it seems to add a beat or more - depending on where I am in that pattern’s cycle. Make sense?

I tried changing the global time signature, which affected it, but didn’t fix it. I tried changing the individual patterns’ settings from standard to divide, and THEN setting those according to what the intended time sig of that pattern should be (either 3/4 or 7/4).

I would love to be able to play completely through a measure of 7/4, and switch to the 3/4 measure pattern without adding any extra beats.

Is there a setting I missed? Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!

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The closest thing to the setting you are looking for is “Pattern Launch Quantize” in the Clock menu on the FILE screen. This determines how long Patterning waits before switching to the next pattern.

However, since a song only supports one time signature for the launch quantize, there isn’t a way to do exactly what you are looking for.

You can set it to “OFF” to just have it switch to the new pattern immediately.

Or set it to “1/4 note” to have it switch at the beginning of the next quarter note beat.

HOWEVER — because of the way Patterning thinks about time, it won’t launch the pattern from the beginning of the loop, but rather from where it would be in the pattern as if it had been playing that pattern all along.

On the timeline, there is something sort of like what you want. You can enable “RESET ROTATION” to have a pattern in the pattern get reset at the beginning of a measure… however that ability isn’t implemented for switching between patterns on the fly. It’s something I’ve been aware of for awhile, but haven’t looked into how I might go about building yet.

Sorry there isn’t currently the ability to do this quite the way you want to!

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Okeedoke, thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Well, perhaps consider adding multiple time signatures in a future iteration?

Thanks again for your time, and all your hard work on this wonderful app!


I really love using Patterning 2, I’m also need to use different time signatures in a song, that will allow me to use Patterning in a live situation using a midi controller and being able to predict where the new pattern will start.

Will it be possible to just add a “RESET ROTATION” button either in “PATTERN” mode or in the “PATTERNS” section of “SONG” mode? (like you have it in the timeline).

That will be really wonderful!