Song EXPORT Option is disabled

I am trying to export the individual tracks of my Patterning 2 song as a 24 bit wave file but the song option is disabled. The timeline is enabled. Are there settings in my song causing this that I am not considering?

Are you trying to export an Ableton Live Set? Song mode is disabled in that export mode.

If that’s not the case… upload a pic of the settings screen so I can see if there’s something else going on!


It doesn’t look disabled to me… Can you tap on “Song?”

I apologize. This is the correct screenshot & no I cannot tap it.


Do you, by any chance, have any Patterns in the timeline with tempo changes?

From the manual (p14) :
if the song has tempo changes, the “song” audio export mode is disabled. Instead, consider recording the output of Patterning in realtime to an Inter-App Audio host app such as GarageBand or AUM.

I remember that the ability to bounce songs with tempo changes was causing me a headache to implement… but I haven’t looked at it in some time.

That was it! Thanks. Excellent product!

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