Song building with different pattern lengths


How do you do this? I have a song that has bars of 4 but every now and then inserts a 2 bar pattern. I just can’t work it out! When I create a zw bar pattern it messes up the following patterns.




When you select a pattern in the Timeline, there’s a “reset rotation” button that will force the pattern to start from the beginning when it’s triggered in the timeline. Is that what you are looking for?


That answer is interesting. I only ever use “reset rotation” to select patterns to insert. Using it to reset a pattern’s rotation would have solved a similar problem I was having.


Interesting, what do you mean by that?


Thanks Benkamen, that’s perfect!


My mistake. I didn’t know “reset rotation” was a button to press. I thought it was the title of the pattern selection box. So I never pressed it. And thought of ways to adapt. Maybe I should read the manual better. Sorry for adding confusion!