Setlist for easy, predetermined song transition?


I’d like to use Patterning 2 as our percussion for a live gig, which means I’d like to move effortlessly from song to song. It appears the only way to load the next song is through the file menu, which is slightly cumbersome (3 taps, including finding the next song to load). Is there an easier way?

Ideally I’d like to set up a setlist. As an exemplar, I think of how forScore handles this: once a setlist is made, a single tap moves through the setlist.



Cool idea, there’s nothing like that at the moment.


Ok, thanks for letting me know.

[And big thanks if you consider this for the next version! :wink: ]


Ah, I recently discovered song exporting. It will probably work well enough to use that, playing the files outside of Patterning.


Nice, glad you found a good workflow!