Sending Program Changes out of Patterning to external gear (feature request)


Patterning is such a great “brain” for a hardware setup with song mode especially. It’d be great if you could send program changes the same way you can send midi cc messages. They could easily be added there in the same pattern menu where additional automation events (CC, etc) currently are. My personal live use case ideally is Patterning song mode running a rig, program changes to an Elektron model:samples to switch patterns and program changes to a Moog Sub Phatty to switch patches at times. Would transform workflow for a lot of people I’m sure. Thanks for such a great app.


For others who are struggling with Patterning not sending program changes & find this post. I’ve found mfxconvert which I’m going to try and use to turn midi note data from P2 into program change data inside AUM. It says it will do this but I’ve not been able to get it to work yet, will report back if I do. If anyone else tries, please say so!