Seeking help tracking down a bug!


Hey there,

There is a known bug that I am having quite a difficult time tracking down. The symptom is that edits made to the current Pattern are no longer reflected in the audio playback. So it will look like you are editing a pattern but the playback doesn’t change.

If you’ve had this happen to you, any information about when it started happening, or how to consistently reproduce the issue would be helpful.

My current leads are that it may involve deleting or duplicating patterns, or possibly the use of the “copy loop”/“paste” function.

Any info is appreciated!

Thanks! Ben


Ok! I actually came to this forum tonight to see if I could find some answers on this. I’ve had this problem extensively lately, and “saving” the pattern while playing seemed to put the edits into place. I’ll mess with it more tonight and see if I can replicate it. It’s very inconsistent.


Thanks - Please do let me know if you find any info, it’s been a doozy. I was able to recreate the bug exactly once, but then couldn’t reproduce it a second time, so I’m unable to see what’s going on.

Even the most basic information about when it happens - how many patterns where in the song, was timeline mode enabled or recently disabled, recent changes the drum kits?


Hey disconnector (and others)
Can I invite you to the beta test? I’ve put in some things that will hopefully help me track it down. If so, send me your email at