Sample Import to User Folder


I’m still having troubles with file import using Itunes file sharing.
The samples looks like are imported in the right user created folder but then I start to get errors messages while programming a pattern with these sounds.
If I close and reopen the app the imported samples are no more in the user created folder but moved back to the user generic one.
I tried also creating the folder, closing and reopening the app and then import the samples but the result is the same.


Any news on this matter ? It’s really time consuming to sort every sample on import :pensive:


The latest update (last week) changed this – have you updated? There is no longer an iTunes File Sharing option, but you can now use Files instead to access that folder. From there, you can select a subfolder, and the user folders should work now. Definitely let me know if that is not fixed!


Updated and loving the Files implementation ! All working as expected. Thanks


Awesome, glad it’s working for you now!