Recording Question


Is there a way to link any of the apps to any recording program on iPad Pro?


I assume you mean recording audio, and the answer is Yes.

In Garageband, AUM, or any other recording app, you can load Patterning (or any of the other apps) as an Inter-App Audio generator. This routes the audio from Patterning into the other app for recording.

Based on the app you are using, the specific set of steps will be different, so look in the user manual for instructions for loading Inter-App Audio (IAA) apps.


Thanks Ben. So I have the Garage band and when I go to Inter-App it will show the icons but when I press them to connect, it tells me they aren’t available. I have a new-ish ipad pro with a current system. Ideas? Do you know if Garage band or AUM is more compatible with the apps?


Also I am using the Garage band that came with the ipad, is there an upgrade that’s more compatible?


It looks like with garageband you need to quit Patterning first, then open it open from Garageband. I was getting an error saying Patterning was “already in use.” Quitting it fixed the issue. I can make a video if you need more assistance.


Still not working, now it’s just freezing. Please make the video, thank you!


Let me know if that helps?