Patterning live performance with Ableton


Hi. I’m new to the iOS music scene and relatively clueless about the possibilities, my iPad arrives tomorrow. Patterning will be the first app I setup. What I’m wondering is if it is possible to use Patterning for live performance and also use the same iPad as an Ableton controller via TouchAble simultaneously?

So, making beats on the fly with Patterning, using LInk(?) to sync it with my laptop which is running Ableton. Then, slide over to TouchAble interface on iPad to manipulate some Ableton sounds?

Wondering if this is possible and if any 3rd party software is necessary? AUM?

Many thanks for any help!


It’s possible to use Patterning as a drum machine controller for Live. This detailed Producers Kitchen tutorial explains how:

The tutorial uses Patterning 1, but it should also apply to Patterning 2. Note that this technique uses the drum machine samples in Ableton, not the Patterning samples so it won’t sound exactly the same, and some of the Patterning kits use effects that may not translate to your version of Ableton.

It’s also possible to export an entire pattern as an Ableton set, samples and all (but not all sets work because of their effects). This puts each drum pattern as a separate track in the set, offering a different type of interactivity from the drum controller technique above.


thanks for the reply. I’ve got it all hooked up through ableton now, but wishing there was a way to access the kit samples, to be able to import them into Ableton and plug them into the exported midi tracks, to replicate the Patterning kit. I get that I can use my own samples to match the kits up, which is awesome, but I’m really digging the cloud kit sounds i’m using


Exporting Patterning as an Ableton Set also exports the samples for each track, so it is possible to then drag these into a drum kit one by one, which is then controlled by Patterning.

I’ve done that at it kind of works, but it won’t sound the same as the effects and the settings used in Patterning would all have to be set up to sound the same in Ableton. Rather than fighting through all that, it’s easier (and more pleasant) to use Patterning to create new drum riffs in Ableton using any of its multitude of canned drum kits.


thanks again for the reply. When I export an Ableton set it seems to only export the midi information and/or the audio wave, what settings would allow me to access the kit samples as you’ve described?


Oh, I see, the samples come foldered up as part of the export…ok, that should settle me, no more questions for a bit :slight_smile: